Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I initially started this blog back in 2007.  It was an interesting year for me - I was nearing the end of one job and about to start another.  I was feeling out of balance and ready for something different.

I started a new job in January 2008 and promptly stopped blogging.  I had found my thing thing, my new j-o-b.  And it was great.  Wasn't it?

As I reflect back on 2007 from the vantage point of 2011, I'm finding that it's pretty much the same thing all over again.  My current job has been satisfying, rewarding (financially and otherwise), but ever more frustrating also.  The company I work for has had some changes and that may affect my day-to-day job duties.  My boss is difficult and demanding.  NYC is still expensive and it'll be even more so when my daughter starts school in a couple years.  I'm more convinced than ever that I need to find and take advantage of opportunities for additional investment income so I'm less reliant on my job, as well as making more time for my family and my health.

So bottom line:  I'm refocusing.  In 2007, this blog was about leaving work behind - as in "leave work in the office and use your non-working hours better".  Today, in 2011, this blog will be about leaving work behind - as in "building passive income so that you can leave your job".  And I intend to blog about my journey - partly to help others in a similar work/life unbalance and partly to keep me on track toward my goal of getting more "life" in my work/life balance.  I'm glad you're reading this and that you are part of this journey.

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