Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Beach, While you Can

Ah, it's a cool day in New York City. Fall is officially coming. Coworkers and clients are heading away for vacations before their kids start back to school. It's time to put together a last minute trip!

Do you need to get away? Yes, you do. Everything is busy after Labor Day! Take your time while you can. You'll come back more relaxed and ready for it all. I'm heading away as well and will probably not post until after Labor Day.

With no further ado, check out the following links - these, with a special bent toward heading to the beach.

Surf Camps - North America's best places to learn the art of the "hang 10" (Best Life)

Longboards - Fine, finer and finest surfboards for your trip! (Best Life)

Short Hops: Beaches - 9 of the world’s most private beaches within a 5-hour flight of main-land USA (Best Life)

Do you Need a Vacation? The answer is 'Yes' -- for your head, your career, and your health (Men's Health)

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