Friday, August 17, 2007

Give Back for a Fuller Life

Making a life - a fulfilling life - outside of your job has to include some form of giving back. It is only through volunteer efforts and charitable actions that some of our cities' most effective organizations work and strengthen our communities.

Now, let me disabuse you of the notion that I'm an exemplar of this philosophy. I get busy just like anybody else and would most of the time rather relax, catch up on bills and paperwork, and do a LOT of other things than to go down to my local soup kitchen to volunteer.

But what could possibly be more American than actually doing just that? This weekend would be a great time to give back to what our city gives to us. New York only ranks #35 and gets a B- for it's charitableness (you know what I mean). For me? My neighborhood improvement association needs some of my attention to plan for the year ahead this weekend.

City-by-City Report: How Charitable is your City?

Got the itch to help somebody or give back to your community? To paraphrase Nike, "Just Do Something!"

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