Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Leaving Work at Work

Most of us work hard - and for long hours. If you're anything like me, you're at the gym in the morning, arrive to the office around 9am and leave - give or take - about 12 hours later. That leaves only a couple of hours at the end of the workday in which to kick back and relax, see the wife or husband and do parental duties with the kids.

With all the pressure to climb the corporate ladder, generate business and make partner, it's easy to let work dominate your life. But what to do when you do come home? How do you make the most of your life outside of work? It won't be found on TV! (How much time do we all waste on watching television - myself included?) Here are some quick tips:

Coming Home - Strategies for letting go of the office and getting back to your family (Best Life)

Getting Rid of Time Sinks - Tips for eliminating those things that take time away (Washington Post - On Balance)

Do you already know you're a workaholic? In a serious way? Maybe this is for you.

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