Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Gulf between Golf and Work

What a beautiful Wednesday! It is such a shame to be inside on a day like today - it's sunny, warm, but not too hot. In fact, if I were a better golfer and if I could say "to hell with it", I'd be out there hitting a few golf balls. Well, to be honest, I'd probably miss a few too (I view it a little like t-ball - I get a few strikes before it's time to give it a rest).

In honor of those who are living my daydream and can get out the office, I've compiled some links of another kind: some to golf fashion (not necessarily an oxymoron), some to the worlds of golf and work colliding, and also to golf travel. Enjoy!

Golf Shoes - Fine, finer and finest men's golf shoes to help you look great on the greens (sorry, but we can't help how you hit)

Taking your game to work - Golf's No. 1 CEO, Scott McNealy, shows you how

Read the Business Golf blog by Mr. Business Golf himself, Scot Duke

Travel + Leisure Golf - A wonderful website allowing you to daydream about the links (and maybe actually finding a great new place to golf)

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